Trade Shows

SOLIA is pleased to welcome you to the various trade shows in which it participates in France and abroad throughout the year. The opportunity to meet and discover the latest innovations in a fun and friendly atmosphere !

Major exhibitions :

  • Sandwich and Snack Show (Paris)
  • Europain (Paris)
  • Sial (Paris)
  • Gulfood (Dubaï – EAU)
  • Anuga (Cologne – Allemagne)
  • Emballage (Paris)
  • SIRHA (Lyon)
Trade Shows Trade Shows Trade Shows

Trade shows food packaging

Solia travels the world and takes place in the most important food packaging shows: SIRHA, Gulfood, Sandwiches & Snack Show, Europain … Do not miss an opportunity to visit us!Participating in a food packaging trade show is vital to our team. In fact, informing you about our latest creative projects, those that are important to you and coming up with solutions specifically for you are all goals we set for ourselves each time.

Solia is coming your way

Present at all major food packaging trade show worldwide, Solia is always pleased to meet you. Our well developed booths; our sales team at your disposal, animations and more importantly, our latest creations await you.Because it is important to meet you, to share your ideas, to understand all the possibilities that are available to you and for you to leave with confidence, our participation in all food packaging trade shows is paramount.
See the list of upcoming food packaging trade shows and ask for your invitation and we will be happy to accommodate you.