The team

SOLIA staff is at your disposal and remains at your service to assist you from product development to delivery.

42 employees in France :

  • Service Development
  • Marketing & Communications Department
  • French & Export Sales Teams
  • Sales Administration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Logistic Services
  • Accounting and Billing

Solia is 20 years old
Solia is 20 years old


Solia, a successful team in packaging solutions

Thanks to a competent and dynamic team, we are only limited by your imagination. Our experts can concoct the product packaging of your dreams that adds maximum value to your culinary skill.Our strength lies in our ability to adapt and our flexibility and responsiveness that allow us to be exceed your packaging solution expectations.

Solia, the spirit of synergy

With an active team of 42 people (French organization), Solia can meet all your packaging solution needs. Coordinating the expertise of each of its team members, Solia draws all of its product packaging professionalism from its employees.Its strength? Services available to you in each phase of your project. From the taking care of your specifications, to the manufacturing of your product up to its shipping, Solia will be there every step of the way. Your desires can finally become reality and your culinary talents revealed.

Thanks to Solia your creativity becomes limitless.