Since 1995, SOLIA has developed and grown in France and abroad while remaining a small business with the guarantee of reliability and dependability.

  • SOLIA FRANCE : headquarters, manufacturing plant (thermoforming), logistics and storage platform, research & development, prototyping
  • SOLIA CHINA : logistics platform and quality control of our suppliers (injection, extrusion, blow molding, assembly, packaging, etc…)
Solia by nightEntrée bâtimentBâtiment Solia

A reference structure in food packaging

Solia is a small business that has been able to develop over time as a packaging service both in France and abroad. Despite this, Solia remains close to its customers and keeps in mind the keywords that have led to its growth: reliability and professionalism, thanks to the establishment of effective quality tools used consistently for its food packaging. By creating a structure in China, Solia is improving its logistics and quality control of suppliers, as well as becoming more and more present throughout the world.

From Rivesaltes to Jiangdu City, a packaging service throughout the world

Founded in 1995 by Mr. Philippe Merlo and Christian Duret, Solia continues to grow every day.
With strong professional teams and organizations, Solia’s food packaging is present in more than 50 countries around the world.For this SME, the success of its organization through its various services between France and China allows Solia to be more operational in the field, especially in terms of logistics. From its headquarters in Rivesaltes in the south of France to its Chinese structure established in Jiangdu City, Solia can now distribute its core skills consistently and obtain an optimal packaging service.